Parenthesis is an independent digital magazine with stories about life, the world, and the incredible people among and around us.

It was born in response to – and in defiance of – the noise of mainstream media offerings and entertainment outlets masquerading as the news. We believe reading should be an unhurried, immersive experience, not marred with trivia, clickbait, intrusive ads or pop-ups.

We’re advocates of the Slow Web, a movement that encourages stepping back and occasionally disengaging from a world of 24x7 notifications, infinite feeds and endless scrolling. It is the idea that ‘instant’ is not necessarily good.

Why are we different? Because we think our reading should not be confined to merely skimming the news or being informed about whether Amal Clooney’s baby bump is showing. We believe there is still space to celebrate an honest love of reading. Parenthesis grows in this very space, creating narratives that document the human condition: How do we react to the world around us? How extraordinary are we at the intersection of will and circumstance? How do we live? How do we love? How do we die? The possible answers to these questions are endlessly fascinating.

Ours is a beautiful, rich, complex world, full of stories of love and pain and bravery, of breakthroughs and heartbreak, of tragedy, of humour, of irony. Allow us to bring forth the voices that narrate them. Read with us. And tell us some of your stories too, if you want.
With love,
Editor, Parenthesis